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The Speaker: With infotainment into the future.

The Performance:

The keynote speeches of THE TRENDWATCHER are a profound and entertaining program for future fitness. Agile, deep, efficient - and yet amusing. Haas is an experience!

The Exhibits:

As TRENDWATCHERs, my team and I sometimes feel like Humboldt !

Like him, we import new finds and exhibits from the new world, the undiscovered zone - from places where future is being made.

Chosen exhibits show what may become natural and omnipresent tomorrow. They stand for development, change and transfer from today into tomorrow. A 3D pen for mid air drawings, a plaster with a USB connector or an airbag for cyclists: during the presentation things like these act as vivid visual aids to demonstrate what future might be like.

The following companies support the TRENDWATCHER's stage performances and workshops with their exclusive prototypes and newly developed products:

TrendArena (in co-operation with Fraunhofer IAO).

With TrendArena, a trend analysis tool, TRENDWATCHING becomes TrendManagement. Based on this software, trends are systematically identified, judged and visualised. In a closely guided editorial process, multidimensional options for action are being deduced.

THE TRENDWATCHER has access to and a close co-operation with the Fraunhofer Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation, the developers of this instrument.

Beyond that, Mathias Haas and his team are proud to announce a co-operation with the INSTITUTE FOR THE FUTURE (Silicon Valley) and with TÜV NORD (particularly in conjunction with their innovation process).


Every performance is unique. Nothing off the shelf, no ready-made suit. The unique presentation software "TrendShow" generates interaction with the audience and lets the speech turn into an agile and spontaneous experience.

Depending on the topic and the feedback of the listeners, a dynamic and individual dramaturgy develops on stage.

With currently 1900 examples and over 100 new business models in the database, every presentation becomes a very specific MegaTrend show - always guided by the parameters that will help to achieve the goals within the audience.