THE TRENDWATCHER live on stage. Almost in real time.

Redner und Trendbeobachter

Mathias Haas is THE TRENDWATCHER. He explains the future in simple words - it is not really complicated. And because you need to make decisions for today and tomorrow, that's what his speeches and work is about - and not about 2030.

With his infotainment approach, the charismatic speaker furnishes you with knowledge on relevant developments and on how to profit from them. Know-how, methods and contacts - these are the tools which help Mathias Haas to make trends usable also for your future. As a speaker, he supplies you with the quintessence of his work. As a workshop facilitator, he guides your delegates to new ideas on the path of change. And - on application - you might even be able to accompany him on one of his TrendJourneys.

You are more than welcome to see the future - in our office.