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The future is here and now!

But: Where is here and when is now? As THE TRENDWATCHER I'll show you that the answer is not as complicated. And: It's not for 2030, because your future begins today.

My team and I make you fit for the future. Our topic is MegaTrends which happen today and are relevant for tomorrow and thereafter. Profound know-how, well-proven methods and close contacts to "future makers" across all trades and worldwide generate concrete and practical outlooks especially for you. From the future for the future - custom fit, specific and relevant. With THE TRENDWATCHER, you book the future: As a speaker, consultant or workshop facilitator - join me on a future-fit voyage through MegaTrends.

TRENDWATCHING ≠ futurology.

We're not reading the tea leaves. We do not look into the crystal ball and sell nebulous future views. TRENDWATCHING derives future developments from the present and is based on close vision.

We're not a scientific institute, we do not hide inside a "ThinkTank". As opposed to classic futurology, everyone can become a TRENDWATCHER, given the right training. TRENDWATCHING is based upon technically practiced and constantly updated common sense ("GesunderMenschenVerstand" - the GMV factor). Because: Those who look close enough today see what comes tomorrow.

Theses for 2018 and beyond: 5 out of 50 for ’18:

  • We're the last generation that knows what "choice" means.
  • Artificial Intelligence will soon be omnipresent - like electricity today: cheap, reliable, in the background.
  • A large number of humans will sooner have access to modern technologies than to clean drinking water. Even emerging and developing countries will try to use this shortcut and upgrade.
  • Societies should own technology, software and platforms. However, Google, Facebook & Co. will control fundamental parts of the new infrastructure. From trans-continental submarine cables to hot air balloons for internet access. Which network neutrality is more desirable: the one of Silicon Valley or that of a dictatorship?
  • IT professionals will not be available for science any more - digital business companies have become attractive and lucrative employers. Neutral science is history, today's competence is driven by the accessibility of data sets and super computers.

Selfie of Mathias Haas: Speaker and consultant. TrendCurator.

TRENDWATCHING is unique, but it's not a secret science - actually, you could say it's open source. I'm the "truffle pig" in the vast area of MegaTrends.

As an expert on trends, I'm a globe trotter from the future.

And I'm tapping from many different sources: Pioneers, entrepreneurs and thinkers sharpen my view in permanent intercommunication. Extended and widely branched channels of information also wash ashore lots of non industry-related and seemingly irrelevant messages. My team and I sort them, rate them and distil the MegaTrend extract.

We deal with change, we live transformation.

With all this, I am the TrendCurator: I "exhibit" the future.

I present the things to come: The latest MegaTrends - in speeches, in consulting sessions, in workshops and as a tour guide.

The speaker Mathias Haas is "Professional Member " with the German Speakers Association e.V.