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Every TRENDWATCHER presentation has its own specific focus on MegaTrends. Mathias Haas' approach is very direct, concrete and interactive. Always supported by futuristic exhibits - carefully chosen for the type of event and for the target business sector - and by the interactive TrendShow presentation software.


Agile consulting methods.

All formats stand out with their specific mix. The focus is on transfer to tactile experience and haptic realisation. Selected product samples build a bridge into the concrete world of implementation.

Consulting methods - Overview

  • LEGO SERIOUS PLAY™ - modelling and playing processes.
  • Complex matters made visible - based on SCRUM.
  • Balanced dynamics: The communication mobile art.
  • Once a shepherd: Lots of sheep, many decisions.


Become a future readiness coach!

As a TRENDWATCHER, you'll re-direct your aerials towards the future. On your own and with no extra consultancy. Systematic - not randomly.

Trainings in enclosed teams, for a department or even across sites - as a 3 day TrendCamp in-house or in an external venue. The participants will become the future avant-garde within their system, knowledge disseminators, trend networkers for intra-organisational future topics.

Put TRENDWATCHING on your agenda! Managers must lead! And make their teams ready for the future.

TrendJourneys - live on tour with the TRENDWATCHER!

Accompany THE TRENDWATCHER on a voyage to where the future begins. To make sure you know where the hare runs.

I have travelled more than 50 countries as the TRENDWATCHER and I'm always on the road as a "trend truffle pig". Always in motion: Physically, mentally and across the planet. No matter if I'm proving MegaTrends very locally in Siegen or - on a more global scale - whether I'm exploring the source of the future on my ASIAN MINDSET TOUR:
Only with agile TRENDWATCHING, one gets and stays fit for the future.

Get ready for the future! Trips into the future - TrendJourneys.

5 days in a region with future, focussing on mega cities. Meet the makers, the thinkers, the lateral thinkers and the pioneers. Exclusive TrendJourneys with the TRENDWATCHER - for leaders and those who want to become one:
Well organised, perfectly guided and with an extensive follow up.

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Now, you can subscribe to the future! Direct, tailored and exclusive - with the TRENDWATCHER. Because, with constant TRENDWATCHING, you'll see ahead!

Your advantages, bookable from 4 TrendBullettins:

  • - no tying up of internal resources
  • - a broader 360° view beyond the own horizon
  • - delivered to your door, formatted as TRENDWATCHER-Bulletin or neutral for your own branding
  • - useful for in-house or client communication, internal trainings etc.

You control the delivery periods (quarterly, every half a year or 3 times per year)

Book the future in 360°. The subscription for future ready TRENDWATCHING.